Food Processing Piping

Our piping systems are used in food processing facilities where there is a need to heat or cool the product while it is being processed and for applications where it is necessary to perform routine cleaning of the piping for sanitary purposes. Our pipe is made from stainless steel with welded on clamp style fittings. These sanitary fittings make it easy to disassemble the sections of pipe so they can be regularly cleaned. The pipe comes either as a two walled jacketed pipe or a single wall pipe. Hot or cold water is pumped through the out layer of the jacketed pipe in order to maintain the product temperature. For applications where using water for temperature control is not desirable or where temperature control is not needed our single wall pipe is used. Our single wall pipe can also be wrapped with heat cable and insulated to maintain elevated temperatures of the product being processed.

Our pipe is used in the confectionery industry to transfer chocolate from melting and tempering tanks to the process equipment in our customer’s facilities. Our most common application is providing water jacketed piping as part of our automated chocolate belt coater system. These systems use a use a variable speed chocolate pump to move the chocolate from the tank to the belt coater and back to the chocolate tank during the off portions of the coating cycle. The belt coater includes a self contained heating system with an adjustable immersion heater and a circulating pump to move the water through the jacketed pipe.

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