Tinsley Design & Fabricating makes a line of tempering tanks with an over under design which consists of two of the same sized tanks stacked on top of one another. The versatility of these tanks makes them a very popular choice for small to mid-size processors. These tanks were designed for tempering chocolate but each tank can be used separately to melt two different types of chocolate or to feed two separate machines.

For tempering chocolate use the top tank for melting and pre-tempering and the bottom tank for final temper. Once the chocolate is tempered it can then be pumped to the process machine like an enrober or depositor. Chocolate from the top tank can also be dripped into the bottom tank during the process cycle.

In addition to the tank’s tempering capabilities some customers will also take advantage of the smaller footprint and use each tank separately. The most common uses are to melt two different types of chocolate like milk on top and dark on bottom and for using both tanks to melt the same type of chocolate but separately feed an enrober and a depositor. Our tempering tank models consist of 100 LB, 200 LB, 300 LB, 500 LB, and 750 LB tanks.