• Belt widths of 24”, 48”, 60” and 74” for the surface finishing and coloring of the coated products. Spray nozzles will uniformly spray the glazing compound over coated product surface for a superior finish.
  • Load cell weight control with +/- of one (1) pound product weight using the Allen-Bradley Processor.
  • Our high rate of cooling air supplied to the coated product between each supply cycle will reduce the cooling, drying and curing time, increasing output.
  • Drive motor controlled via variable frequency speed controller for belt speed adjustment from 0 – 200 FPM. This will allow for excellent product tumble and uniform product polishing at its proper belt speed for the different products.
  • Made of heavy-duty tubular stainless steel, our construction keeps vibration to a minimum.
  • The food-grade, UHMWP, heavy-duty plastic belt is a flat surface and easier to clean or wash down. It offers positive traction control and an extremely long operating life span.
  • The Master Control Panel can be rotated away from the back wall for easy access to the removable back panels of the machine.
  • Access the feed header by removing the back half of the top cover.
  • Fully automated PLC controlled belt coater can be connected to a bucket conveyor to move the finished product to the cooling room.
  • Complete piping system available and can be ordered separately to your specifications.
  • An interior light will light up the product processing area for easy inspection during the polishing.
  • Lexan front doors will allow for easy product access and inspection.
  • Spray system controls can be tested offline so that setup can be accomplished without wasting product.
  • 74″ Belt Polisher – 400-800 LBs/HR, 105″ long x 76″ deep x 86″ height; about 3,200 pounds
  • 62” Belt Polisher – 300-600 LBs/HR, 92” long x 76” deep x 86” height; about 3,000 pounds