Tinsley Design & Fabricating makes Stainless Steel Coating Pans that are ideal for the confectionery, pharmaceutical, food, cannabis, and gummy industries. The most common application for our pans is to use chocolate or yogurt to coat nuts, candies and fruits. Whenever you see chocolate covered peanuts or yogurt covered raisins they were likely made by using a coating pan. Our pans are also used to for finishing soft and hard candy and by pharmaceutical companies for coating pills to make them easier to swallow. Our pans fit on most table tops and are designed for small batch processing and lab type environments.

Tinsley coating pans have round bowls and are offered in 12”, 16” and 24” diameters. They are available with smooth or ribbed bowls. They are 110 volts and are controlled by a variable speed drive with a range of 0 to 30 RPM’s.

The smooth bowls are used for “Grossing” which is process of adding layer after layer of coating material like chocolate. The ribbed bowls are used for “Polishing” which is the process of adding a wax or shellac to create a bright and shiny finish. Coating pans were one of the very first pieces of equipment used to make candy and the machines of today are
similar to the originals.