Design and Value Engineering

"Design is our middle name" ... We pride ourselves on being system integrators – combining complex electrical, electronic, and mechanical controls including pneumatics and hydraulics to provide turnkey systems. To take best advantage of our years of hands-on experience, contact us at the earliest possible moment of your project development to assure an efficient and cost-effective project.

Value engineering economies are applied to every project... using existing commercially available components instead of re-inventing the wheel... quick, effective design determinations instead of weeks of analysis... modular construction instead of interdependent components.


The heart and soul of our products... career professionals in a high tech environment where skills flourish and a lifetime of accomplishments is the reward.


Quality is an integral part of the Tinsley organizational fiber. We live it! Employees are part of the quality team - acutely aware of how their actions impact the ultimate product. Our consistency of quality is based on continuing programs including in-house training and the combination of old world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production equipment. As suppliers to industries where quality is paramount, we can assure you of parts made to the most exacting tolerances.

Tinsley Design fosters a unique partnership with all the customers it serves, by

  • Focusing on customer values... delivering what they want and when they want it
  • Making quality and re-engineering a continual process
  • Encouraging employees at all levels to take responsibility for product quality and explore new and better ways to satisfy customers